eggs from caged hens it is finished

For Sodexo, eggs from caged hens it is finished!

The Sodexo Group, the leader in catering, strengthens its international position on animal welfare by engaging in the world, to move to 100% cage-free eggs out of cage 2025.


Sodexo announces that the Group’s commitment to source eggs from hens farms alternative to the cage (liquid eggs and shells) worldwide by 2025.

Sodexo will advise globally by specialized NGOs Compassion in World Farming, Humane Society International and The Humane League to define and implement an action plan to enable the Group and its suppliers to achieve this in the next nine years. Sodexo provides about 250 million eggs shells in the world per year.

Neil Barrett, Sustainability Director of Sodexo Group, explains: « For a group such as Sodexo, present on over 32 000 sites in 80 countries, and buys about 250 million eggs shells each year worldwide, defend  the animal welfare is a strong commitment, due to the complexity of our supply chain and the diversity of farming practices in the world.  »

 » The fact that liquid eggs, often hidden ingredient, are included in this engagement demonstrates the strength of this approach. We hope this policy will motivate engine and many other international companies to follow the example and improve the lives of millions laying hens in their supply chains, «  said Dr Tracey Jones, director of food business CIWF. Created in 1967 by a dairy farmer in response to the intensification of farming, the NGO CIWF ‘s mission is to promote the welfare of farm animals and to end  factory farming , via ‘advocacy, campaigns and partnerships.

It is now hoped that the next Sodexo’s commitment will be done on the supply of  organic eggs .